Being active

Being active has lots of benefits:

  • helps increase good cholesterol levels (HDL)
  • reduce waist circumference
  • reduce stress and lower blood pressure
  • lower the risk of diabetes
  • reduce the overall risk of heart disease

It can also:

  • help weight loss
  • prevent weight gain
  • improve your shape
  • increase your confidence
  • increase bone strength
  • lower the risk of some types of cancer.

See our factsheet on physical activity for more advice.

I don't have the time...

It’s a fact that many of us are so busy we don’t feel we have the time for “proper exercise”. But there are lots of ways of keeping physically active and not all of them involve joining a gym or being on the local football team.

Try making a list of ways in which you can start to be more active. Look for ways of fitting activity into your daily routine, activities that can become regular habits. To start you off here are a few:

  • Hop off the bus or tube a stop earlier and walk part of your journey
  • Choose the stairs not the escalator
  • Go for a regular walk, before breakfast or at lunchtime
  • Park further away from shops and walk
  • Share an allotment with friends or become a more active gardener

It can be more fun being active with others so why not organise a regular walk, fun swim, trip to the park or nature ramble for all your family.